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Submit your application

Here are the steps for applying to the student exchange program:

1. Be officially nominated by your university.

2. Complete the online application form. A link will be provided by your university after your nomination has been accepted by UdeM.

3.   Upload the following documents (PDF files) through your Student Center :

  • Your proposed Study Plan completed and signed (by the student and the exchange coordinator of your institution). Here is an example of a completed study plan.
  • A letter of intent in French describing the academic objectives you wish to meet by participating in the exchange program.
  • An official copy of your transcript including grades of all completed university courses (accompanied by a French or English translation if the document is in another language).
  • A list of courses in which you are currently enrolled at your institution for this semester (name and brief description of the courses – maximum two pages).
  • Students who are not from a French-speaking university must submit proof of French proficiency along with the French Proficiency Form (filled out by home university). The proof of French proficiency can be issued by the language department of your university, Alliance française, a language school, etc. Most programs of study at UdeM require a B2 level of French. Some programs require official French tests and higher levels of French proficiency, please see the list of programs with particularities for more information. 
  • A letter of recommendation from an academic advisor, department head, director or professor.
  • An official copy of a single official document indicating the name of the student as well as the names of the parents (e.g. birth certificate or family record book). If the official document is in another language, a certified English or French translation must be provided in the same PDF file. Please note that a copy of your passport and other personal identification documents may be required as well. For questions regarding these documents, please contact the Registrar’s Office
  • Students applying for the programs of Architecture, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Landscape Architecture must also provide a portfolio (in PDF format sent via WeTransfer to
  • Students applying for Music programs and who wish to enroll in instrument courses must also provide an audio or video recording (please send a YouTube, Video or WeTransfer link to

Important: Admission to an exchange program is not guaranteed, even if you have been selected by your home university. Your application will be evaluated by the UdeM host department.