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Minor in arts and sciences

The Minor in Arts and Sciences is a multidisciplinary undergraduate program in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. This program lets exchange students take undergraduate (bachelor’s- level) courses from several different programs of study within this Faculty (they must be authorized by the department offering the course).

Normally, exchange students must choose a single program of study and select all of their courses from that program. The Minor in Arts and Sciences is a good option for exchange students who wish to take courses in several disciplines or who cannot find any other program at UdeM that matches the requirements of their home institution. If you enrol in this program, you must adhere to the following rules in your choice of courses:

1- You must choose no more than 2 courses in the same discipline each semester. The first 3 letters of a course code identify the course discipline. For example:

  • Fall term: 2 POL course, 2 ESP courses, and 1 course in another discipline
  • Winter term: 2 POL courses, 2 ESP courses, and 1 course in another discipline

    • You cannot take 4 POL courses or 4 ESP courses in the same semester.

2- You can take any other combination of courses, as long as you do not exceed 2 courses in the same discipline in each term. For example:

  • 5 courses from 5 different disciplines: ANG, COM, PSY, ESP, SOL.
  • 2 courses from 1 discipline and 3 courses from 3 different disciplines: ANG, ANG, ECN, POL, PSY
  • 2 courses in each of 2 disciplines and 1 course in a 3rd: POL, POL, ESP, ESP, ECN
  • Attention: courses for which the code starts with FRA require a C1 level of French.

3- The courses must come from programs offered within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.
As an exception, you may take one course from another faculty (for example, JOU for journalism).

4- Availability cannot be guaranteed for 2nd and 3rd year courses (for example, POL2XXX and POL3XXX). It will take longer to evaluate your Proposed Study Plan if it includes 2nd or 3rd year courses, especially if they have prerequisites. Note that the internal verification process for prerequisites will apply to any course changes and that no guarantee can be given for 2nd and 3rd year courses. 

UdeM offers a few bidisciplinary programs that let you take courses in 2 programs at once. It is preferable to choose these programs if they exist.

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