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Name TitleFaculties/regionsTelephone Email

Bouchard, Geneviève
Director - 514 343-6390

Partnership and International Development

Name TitleFaculties/regionsTelephone Email

Anbar, Frida
International Affairs Advisor Europe (except Belgium and Switzerland), Middle East 514 343-7520
- Dentistry, Pharmacy, Optometry, Erasmus+

Benoît, Julie
International Affairs Advisor Canada, United States, Africa 514 343-6978
- Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Mitacs program (relations with university partners)

Hobeila, Simon
International Affairs Advisor Asia Pacific 514 343-5619
- Law, Nursing Sciences, School of Public Health

Payette, Marie-Claude
Senior Advisor - International Affairs Belgium, Switzerland and Brazil 514 343-7786
- Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, G3, Strategic Projects

Sareault, Guillaume
International Affairs Advisor Latin America (except Brazil), Caribbean 514 343-7891
- Education Sciences, Music, Architecture/Design/Urban planning/Landscape architecture, Faculty of Permanent Education

Student Mobility

Name TitleFaculties/regionsTelephone Email

Beaulieu, Judith
International Mobility Coordinator Africa, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland 514 343-2464

Détolle, Anaïs
Business development specialist - Mitacs Programs - 438 355-8391

Gu, Sarah
Student Mobility Advisor Americas, Asia Pacific, France (Paris region) 514 343-6979

Téhard, Caroline
Student Mobility Advisor Australia, non French-Speaking Europe, France (except Paris region), Middle East 514 343-2074


Name TitleFaculties/regionsTelephone Email


Communication Advisor - 514 343-6811

Administrative and Support Staff

Name TitleFaculties/regionsTelephone Email

Office Management and Administrative Technician (student mobility) - 514 343-6977

Office Management and Administrative Technician (student mobility) - 514 343-6555

Hruba, Sylvie
Office Management and Administrative Technician (student mobility) - 514 343-6111 #0248

MICHEL, Ophely
Office Management and Administrative Technician (directorate) - 514 343-7183

Raby, France
Financial Management Officer - 514 343-7457