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Preparing for your arrival

Good preparation is the key to ensuring your arrival at UdeM goes smoothly.

Once you’ve completed the immigration application process and received the necessary approvals, it’s time to start getting ready for your move to Canada. Here are some things to check in order to avoid any last-minute stress.

Sign up for the Accueil plus service

We recommend you sign up for the Accueil plus service to make your arrival easier. It will reduce your wait time at customs and give you access to helpful information at the airport. This service is available only to students starting their study program in the fall.  For information on how to get to your home from the airport, visit the Montreal airport website.

Visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website

Read the Prepare for your arrival page of the IRCC website for important information before you arrive in Canada.

Make sure you have the documents you need to enter Canada at the airport

Students in a study program of six months or less

  • Valid passport
  • Valid visitor visa (temporary resident visa) affixed to the inside of your passport, or valid electronic travel authorization (eTA), depending on your citizenship
  • Letter of acceptance and letter of admission from UdeM, available in your Student Centre (Centre étudiant)
  • Any other relevant documents

Students in a study program of more than six months

  • Valid passport 

  • Valid Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) 

  • Letter of introduction issued by IRCC confirming that your study permit application has been approved 

  • Valid entry visa affixed to your passport, or electronic travel authorization (eTA), depending on your country of citizenship 

  • Letter of acceptance and letter of admission from UdeM, available in your Student Centre (Centre étudiant)

  • Any other relevant documents


Check your immigration documents when you arrive

Once you have received your study permit, and your co-op work permit if applicable, it's important to make sure that they have the correct information and no errors before you leave the port of entry (in other words, before you enter the country at the airport).

Here are some examples of errors that border services officers sometimes make when issuing documents:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Passport number
  • Date of birth
  • Expiry date: this will normally be the same as the expiry date of your CAQ. However, if your passport expires first, the expiry date will be the expiry date of your passport.
  • Information about potential employment

Make sure that your study permit includes a condition authorizing you to work on or off campus (with some exceptions). If you have undergone a medical examination by an IRCC-designated doctor, make sure that your study permit (and your co-op work permit, if applicable) does not specify restrictions regarding jobs in health or teaching or working with vulnerable persons (children, seniors, etc.).

Attend orientation activities

Once you’ve arrived in Montreal, be sure to attend one of the "Essentiels for starting the school year" (Les essentiels pour une rentrée réussie) information sessions. You can find the schedule for the sessions in the student life calendar.

Discovering UdeM and learning about life in Montreal

For additional information, we recommend that you read the eight steps for new arrivals to UdeM and Montreal. It will answer some of your questions and provides information about services that can help you integrate.

Attend immigration information sessions organized by the UdeM international team

Our immigration team also offers a number of information sessions on various topics during the school year. The information in these sessions will help you on your Québec immigration journey. Topics include: 

  • Working during your studies 
  • Renewing your CAQ and study permit 
  • Working after your studies: the post-graduation work permit 
  • Living in Québec after your studies: the permanent immigration process

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