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French-language courses

Exchange students are allowed to take French language courses offered by the Language School of UdeM’s Faculty of Continuing Education. You have the following two options.

1. Certificate in French as a second language: culture, study and work

This program is designed for students who already have a knowledge of French. If you are a beginner in French, you are not eligible for this program. If the only courses that you want to take at UdeM are French-language courses, then choose this certificate program when you submit your exchange application. 

One semester of courses in French consists of:

  • Two 6-credit courses in French
  • One 6-credit course in French and two 3-credit courses in French

2. French language courses for students in other programs of study

You may take one French language course (3-credit course or 6-credit course), in addition to the courses in your regular program of study. 

See the UdeM Language School’s French language course offer

Placement test and enrolment

Once you have been admitted to UdeM’s student exchange program, you must take the mandatory online French-language placement test as soon as possible.

Register for this test

Please take the time to answer all the questions in the placement test carefully, so that they reflect your actual proficiency in French as accurately as possible. You will not receive a grade on this test; its only purpose is to allow our Language School to enrol you to courses most appropriate for your learning.

  1. After you have taken the test, you will receive an e-mail informing you of your oral and written proficiency levels and a list of the courses for which you may register. Please note that UdeM’s Language School does not offer any beginner courses in French. If your test places you as a beginner, you will not be able to take any courses in French as a second language at UdeM.
  2. You must contact the Student Technician of your host department in order to proceed with your enrolment.
  3. Course fees:

    • 3-credit courses: a fee of $CAN 75 will be billed to you for course materials.
    • 6-credit courses: a fee of $CAN 530 will be billed for language workshops.

If the results of your test place you at a beginner-level for which courses are not offered, it will not be possible to participate in the exchange program. This information may only be known shortly before the start of the term. If possible, we recommend avoiding any non-refundable expenses (flight, housing, etc.) before receiving an official confirmation of course availability. 

Other resources are available to help you with your French if you are a non-francophone student