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Application documents

Documents required for your application

  1. Proposed study plan
    Fill out the Proposed Study Plan form and have it signed by the exchange coordinator at your home institution. For help in choosing your courses, go to the Course selection page. For an example of a properly completed Proposed Study Plan, click here.

  2. Letter of intent
    Upload a letter of intent no more than one page long, written in French (or in English if applying for an English-taught program) on a computer and stating the objectives that you hope to achieve by participating in the UdeM exchange program. You may address this letter to the International Affairs Office of UdeM.

  3. Transcript
    Upload a single PDF document containing a copy of every official transcript of grades that you have received for university-level courses, including your grades for the current year. Scanned images of transcripts are acceptable. If any of these transcripts is in a language other than French or English, you must also include a translation into French or English.

  4. List of courses in which you are currently enrolled
    Upload a PDF document providing a list of all the courses in which you are currently enrolled  at your home institution. For an example of such a list, click here.

  5. Birth certificate
    Please see the website of the Registrar's Office for further details.

    You may also be required to provide a copy of your passport or other personal identity documents. If you have any questions about these documents, please contact the UdeM Registrar’s Office. Not to worry if you cannot upload your birth certificate before the deadline as it will not delay the processing of your application; you can submit this document later on.

Additional documents required depending on the chosen program of study 

  • Proof of French proficiency
    If French is not the language of instruction at your home institution, then you must submit a proof of French proficiency. The French language certificate may be issued by the language department at your home institution, or the Alliance française, or a language school, etc., and will be requested within a few days of the day that you submit your application. Most of the programs of study at UdeM require at least level B2 proficiency according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. To see which programs at UdeM require you to have a higher level of French-language proficiency or require an official language test, consult the list of programs with particular requirements

  • Portfolio
    Applicants to programs in architecture, industrial design, interior design or landscape architecture must submit a portfolio. Your portfolio will be requested through the Student Centre portal within a few days of the day that you submit your application.

  • Audio or video recording
    Applicants to programs in music who wish to take performance courses must submit an audio or video recording through (preferably in the form of a YouTube, Vimeo, WeTransfer or other link). 

  • Proof of English proficiency
    Proof of English proficiency may be required for certain English-taught program (such as English Studies or Law). To determine whether your program requires proof of English and to know the required level, please see the list of programs with particular requirements. This document will be requested within a few days of the day that you submit your application.
  • Letter of recommendation
    Certain programs of study require a letter of recommendation from an academic official at your home institution (academic dean, academic advisor or professor). To see which programs require a letter of recommendation, consult the list of programs with particular requirements