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Frequently asked questions

For questions regarding eligibility requirements and application procedures for any of the Canadian government scholarship programs, please see our FAQ:

I do not speak French and am only proficient in English. Can I apply for the scholarship with UdeM?

For a course-oriented exchange, a minimum B2 level French proficiency is required for the majority of UdeM’s programs of study. Some programs require higher levels and official tests, please see here for more information.

French proficiency is not required for a research-oriented exchange.

What types of language certificates does UdeM accept?

For most programs of study, a letter from your home university can be accepted. Some programs require official tests. Please see here for more information.

My university does not have a partnership agreement with UdeM. Am I allowed to submit an application?

Due to the competitiveness of the scholarship programs at UdeM, only applications from existing partner institutions can be accepted.

I will be conducting research during my exchange, what types of immigration documents will I need?

Please see the website of the International Students Office.

I will be carrying out a course-oriented exchange. What immigration procedures should I be undertaking?

Please see the website of the International Students Office.

The scholarship programs require a signed copy of the agreement between UdeM and my home institution. Where can I find this document?

Please contact the international office of your home university in order to obtain a copy of this agreement (in French or English). If you are unable to obtain this document, please contact Sarah Gu, Student Mobility Advisor at UdeM.

I am a graduate student applying for a course-oriented exchange. Where can I obtain the letter of invitation from the Canadian supervisor required by the scholarship program?

Please contact Sarah Gu for the letter of invitation.

How do I find a professor to supervise my research exchange at UdeM?

Students who wish to conduct research are responsible for finding a professor who accepts to supervise their research exchange at UdeM. Please see here for more information.

Some of the application documents required by the scholarship program are very similar to the application documents required by the exchange program. Can I submit the same documents for both applications?

Yes, you can submit the same documents as long they meet the requirements of both the scholarship program and the exchange program.

I have dual citizenship. Am I still eligible to submit an application?

Yes, as long as you can provide valid proof of citizenship of one of the eligible countries.

When should I begin preparing for my stay?

We recommend waiting until you receive your official notice of admission to the exchange program before carrying out any steps regarding your stay. If the scholarship is essential to your exchange, it is better to wait for the official scholarship selection notice as well before undertaking any steps that could entail expenses on your part.

How and when will I receive the scholarship funds?

The scholarship funds are usually available around the end of August / beginning of September. They will be allocated to you in three instalments. You will be informed of the allocation procedure after your official selection.

My application for the scholarship was denied. Are there other funding opportunities available to me?

You may be eligible to receive the Mitacs Globalink Research Award (for research students only). For further information, please see here.

My application for the scholarship was denied. Am I placed on a waitlist?

All eligible candidates who are denied the scholarship are placed on a waitlist. Unfortunately, waitlisted students rarely receive the scholarship.