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Mitacs Globalink Funding Programs for International Students


Due to the evolution of the global health crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, several measures and recommendations have been established for foreign students who planned to do a research stay at UdeM under the Globalink Research Award program.

International students who have not left their country of origin:

  1. The Université de Montréal is suspending the reception of international students until the fall of 2020. It is asking international students who have planned a research stay at the Université de Montréal by August 31, 2020 to make arrangements to defer their stay until later.
  2. You have the option of postponing your stay by contacting Isabelle Lessard, Grant Management Specialist at Mitacs, and Judith Beaulieu, International Mobility Coordinator at the DAI. The Globalink Fellowship must be used within one year. If you are unable to complete your research within one year, contact Anaïs Détolle, Business Development Specialist - Mitacs Programs.
  3. If expenses have already been incurred for your research stay and it must be cancelled, contact your insurance company for reimbursement.

International students already in Montreal:

  1. The situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic is evolving rapidly and the Université de Montréal strongly recommends that you check the emergency instructions and policies of your home institution or country.
  2. The Université de Montréal provides international students who wish to return to their country with the Groupe Voyage VP agency to accompany them in their return process. The agency can be reached by email or by phone 514 939-9999 between 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The fares offered will be the best fares based on availability in Economy class. A service charge of $55 + taxes (CAD) will be required, as well as a copy of both sides of a credit card to proceed with payment by email.
  3. If you are already in Montreal and choose to continue your research stay there, you must follow the national health recommendations and those of your internship environment. However, please check with your insurance company to see if you are covered in case of need.
  4. If you are returning to your country, Mitacs encourages you to complete your research stay remotely.
  5. If you have received a positive notice of award but have not yet received the scholarship, please contact Judith Beaulieu, International Mobility Coordinator (DAI), and Mitacs.
  6. In your end of fellowship report, explain the circumstances and mention the date of your departure.

For more information on the emergency protocols put in place by the Université de Montréal, consult the Urgence UMontréal website and the Coronavirus FAQ.

Mitacs and Université de Montréal have signed in early 2019 a new partnership agreement that provides 150 new scholarships each year for foreign students who wish to do a research stay at UdeM under the Globalink Research Award program.

Mitacs is a Canadian not-for-profit organization supporting university research with partnerships that support industrial and social innovation. It aims to help students develop their careers, a network and professional skills, and creates links in all disciplines between university research and Canadian societal and economic needs.

Globalink Research Award

Eligibility requirements

  • Be 18 years old and over at the time of application;
  • Foreign undergraduate students in their final year (must have completed second year of study before beginning their research at UdeM), foreign graduate students or foreign postdoctoral fellows, in any discipline;
  • Students must come from a university or university-level research center;
  • The home institution must be located in an eligible country: Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg (Université du Luxembourg), Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland (Université de Lausanne), Taïwan, Tunisia, United Kingdom, the USA, Ukraine (inbound only), other members of the European Union (only for students whose professors are grant recipients of the European Research Council or MSCA-RISE program);
  • The research stay at UdeM must be from 12 to 24 weeks;
  • Students must have a professor supervisor at their home university and another at UdeM;
  • Students can receive a $6,000 CAD grant, half of which is funded by Mitacs Globalink and the other half by an outside organization (e.g., home university, granting agencies, private companies, home university supervisor, UdeM supervisor, etc.). Please consult your student mobility office or your home university supervisor;
  • Admission at any time: application required 16 weeks before the start of the research project;
  • Funding of research only. No courses / seminars can be taken during the research;
  • Research stay can not begin until Globalink Fellowship is accepted.

To know more about the application process, download the application package (zip file).

For more information on this program or to obtain the signature of the UdeM representative (section 6.0. of the Application Form) once the file is completed, please contact Anaïs Détolle, Business development specialist - Mitacs Programs at the International Affairs Office.

Accelerate International


  • Foreign graduate students or postdoctoral fellows, in any discipline.
  • The research project must be with a for-profit company, an NPO, or a Crown corporation in Canada.
  • The research stay must be from 4 to 48 months.
  • All countries are eligible.
  • Students can receive a $15,000 grant, half of which is funded by Mitacs Globalink and the other half by the partner organization. 

Learn more about the Accelerate International Program

For any information on the program, contact Julie Benoit, International Affairs Advisor at the IAO.

Globalink Research Internships

The Mitacs Globalink Research Internship program enables UdeM professor-researchers to host final-year undergraduate students from Mitacs partner countries. The 12-week internships take place each year between May and September.

UdeM hosts more than 20 Mitacs Globalink research interns yearly. UdeM professor-researchers are invited to submit their research projects to Mitacs between April and June each year.

Former Mitacs Globalink Research Interns who wish to return to Canada to pursue graduate studies are eligible for a $15,000 Globalink Graduate Fellowship grant, an international student supplemental tuition fee exemption scholarship funded by the Université de Montréal, and a scholarship for intensive French courses at the Université de Montréal Language School, before beginning their study program.

Learn more about Mitacs Globalink Research Internships

For more information on the program, contact Julie Benoit, International Affairs Advisor at the IAO.