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Summer schools

It is possible to participate in a summer school seminar organised by the Centre d'études et de recherches internationales de l’Université de Montréal (CÉRIUM) through the exchange program. For more information regarding the summer school topics and dates, please visit the CÉRIUM website (under "Programs of study).


Conditions for participation

Students who wish to participate in a summer school through the exchange program must:

  • obtain the approval of their home university;
  • be enrolled in the last year of their bachelor's studies or in a master's program at their home university. 


Submitting your application

  1. Students must be selected by their home university, a nomination email must be sent to;
  2. Submit the online application (link will be provided following nomination);
  3. Upload this form (considered as your proposed study plan) on your UdeM Student Centre before April 15.

Please note that places reserved for exchange students are limited. Admission to a summer school is not garanteed and will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis.


Preparing your stay