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Arts and Music

View the requirements related to your field of study. If your program of study is not listed here, then only the normal requirements apply.

Art History and Film Studies

Closed programs

  • Bachelor in Film Studies
  • Bachelor in Screen Writing and Literary Creation
  • Bachelor in Film and Media Arts

Undergraduate students
Exchange students cannot take practical courses from the Bachelor in Film Studies (117110). Undergraduate candidates can only choose among the courses offered within the Film Studies Minor (117140) or Major (117120).
Video Games Studies
Only the program of Minor in Video Games Studies is available for undergraduate exchange students.

Graduate students
Graduate students do not have access to seminars CIN6053A, CIN6054A, CIN7001A and HAR60011-60012; they are reserved for regular students of the Department of Art History and Film Studies.

Please note that only a one-term exchange is possible for the students doing their Master and PhD in Film studies.

Language requirements
If your first language is not French, you must present proof of French proficiency corresponding to level B2 of the Common European Framework, or its equivalent, with a writing and speaking level of at least 15/25.

Minor in Arts and Sciences

The Minor in Arts and Sciences is a multidisciplinary undergraduate program in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. This program lets exchange students take undergraduate (bachelor’s- level) courses from several different programs of study within this Faculty (they must be authorized by the department offering the course).


These courses are not opened to exchanges students:

  • MSL6600 Internship
  • MSL6800 Overview Seminar
  • MSL6700 Working Group (led by a professor)

This restriction does not apply to students from École du Louvre.


See the particular requirements of the Faculty of Music here.