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Scientific diving at the FVM: special report

Michèle Doucet, a full professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FMV), actively shares her passion for diving with the student community. In 2018, she led a large-scale project in the form of student internships to explore the conservation and health of marine ecosystems. The following year, the team was able to take off to Mexico to conduct a scientific diving expedition aboard a research vessel in the northern Sea of Cortés in collaboration with biologists from the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Sur. The goal: to conduct a census of echinoderm populations and explore the starfish die-off syndrome.

This initiative received financial support from the IAO funding program in 2018 and is the first Campus Abroad project submitted by the FVM. Combining physical activity and teamwork, it certainly adds to student well-being and was in fact selected as a Forces AVENIR finalist, in particular for its ability to generate student engagement.

Read the special report (in French only)