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Frequently asked questions

I lost or did not receive my password (UNIP). How can I recover it?

To reset your password or if you haven't received one yet, please visit the UNIP page on the registrar's website. 

Can I register for my classes online through the Student Centre?

Registration to courses for students admitted to the exchange program is done only through the UdeM host department, usually upon the student’s arrival.




Do I need a Visitor’s Visa, a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ), and/or a Study Permit?

All information concerning immigration requirements can be found on the website of the International Students Office.

Can I register for language courses during my exchange?

Students participating in an exchange program may take one 3 credits language course per semester. Any additional courses will be charged to the student. This does not apply to students in a study program focused on learning a language.

Can I take courses in different programs?

You must choose a program of study at UdeM and select your courses within this program. You may take one course outside your program, but any additional course must be approved by your host department upon your arrival.

Some UdeM programs are multidisciplinary, e.g., the Minor in Arts and Sciences or the Bachelor’s in International Studies. These programs allow you to take courses in several disciplines. Certain restrictions apply.



My official documents are in a language other than French or English. What should I do?

You must have your documents translated. An official translation is required for your birth certificate. Your file will not be processed without this translation.


What are the university calendar dates?

The university calendar dates can be found on the Office of the Registrar's Website.



My home university does not have an agreement with UdeM. Can an agreement be signed to allow me to participate in an exchange program?

An agreement cannot be signed between the UdeM and your university for the sole purpose of allowing you to take part in an exchange program. Several factors are taken into consideration when signing a new agreement, and it is a process that takes several months.





I do not have news about my application. Can I purchase my plane ticket in advance?

It is not recommended to buy your plane ticket before having an official notice of acceptance from UdeM. Admission to an exchange program is not guaranteed. All applications must to be analyzed by the host unit.



I have not received my Study Permit yet. May I travel to Montreal though ?

No. You need a Certificat d’Acceptation du Québec (CAQ) and a Study permit when you are admitted at UdeM for a stay of more than 6 months to legally enter Canada. After applying for the Study Permit, you should expect a timeframe of 2 to 3 months before it’s received. You should not travel to Canada without all your immigration documents with you; your entry in Canada may be refused otherwise.

Do I need a medical insurance coverage during my exchange stay?

All exchange students attending UdeM are automatically signed up for the group medical insurance. The plan covers medical and hospital fees and prescription drugs. The plan also includes a repatriation clause in the event of death or incapacity. It does not cover dental care or glasses.

If you plan to arrive before the beginning of the academic year or extend your stay after the end of the term, you shall think about subscribing to a private medical insurance plan (travel insurance) for your stay in Canada before or after your enrollment at UdeM.

In accordance with international agreements, students from some countries who were covered by the social security plan in their countries before their arrival in Québec (insured or entitled to be insured) are provided free coverage by the Régie de l’assurance-maladie du Québec (dental care, glasses and medication are not covered). More information here.

How do I obtain a certificate of arrival and departure?

Should you need for an official document to be issued or signed (certificate of enrolment, proof of arrival/departure, letter for obtaining a scholarship, etc.), please request it by contacting the Registrar’s Office (fees apply). 

Who can sign my study agreement?

Once you are officially enrolled to your courses at Université de Montréal, you may request for a certificate of enrollment stating the courses you are enrolled to during the period of your exchange. To do so, please submit a request by filling out this online form. Make sure to select “Attestation et relevés de notes” under “Sujet” and to mention that you are requesting for a certificate of course enrollment for an exchange under “Demande”.